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Published by Ted Striphas on Tue, 08/30/2011 - 12:12

From: "Jonathan Sterne, Dr." <>
Date: April 7, 2011 5:25:59 PM GMT-04:00
To: Ted Striphas <>
Subject: Re: special issue

Hi Ted,

Good to hear from you.  Congrats on tenure and promotion, btw.

As to what you'd say, I was thinking more stuff along the lines of acknowledged goods, except possibly more programmatic.  Should the field strive to move its journals to a more open-access model?  Should we adopt some kind of best practices policy so that junior academics don't have to sign away their rights just to get published?  There also the crisis of the publishing industry and the decreasing legitimacy of peer review (though like democracy, it may be a terrible system and the best available).  My hope for the special section is that it will be used to start arguments about various normative things that people in the field have been letting slide, and publication is one of those things.

Marinate on it and see if anything comes to you.  Of course, you're probably marinating in other things at the moment.

Please give my best to Phaedra as well.  She'll be hearing from me on another front very soon.


On 2011-04-06, at 6:35 PM, Ted Striphas wrote:

Hi Jonthan,

Great hearing from you.  I feel like I've been following you and your life via Super Bon, but I realize now that it's been ages since we last corresponded.  Anyway, I'm really interested in participating but I'm not sure of exactly what to write beyond what I've already written in, say, "Acknowledged Goods" and elsewhere.  Is there a specific topic you'd like to see addressed in the issue vis-a-vis academic publishing or IP?  A little more prompting might help spur me to action, as my head hasn't exactly been exactly there for the last few months.  I guess what I'm saying is, I really want to participate, but I need a bit more a push to get me started.

Thanks for thinking of me.  Take care & best to Carrie.


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