Notes on Birmingham Centre Annual Reports, 1964-1980

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-- Annual reports also = one of BCCCS' most important publications

  • function is not only instrumental but also in some sense scholarly, esp. under Stuart Hall's leadership


-- pp. 11-12: stmt about publishing plans

  • books
  • "papers, shorter studies," etc. (n.b.: "occasional papers" 2b published by BCCCS
  • special pamphlets

-- p. 18: stmt about publishing

  • "Occasional Papers" now capitalized (1st one in preparation)

-- p. 21: "urgent need for a regular journal"


-- p. 26: pub of 1st "Working Paper," which was prev. referred to as an "Occasional Ppr."

  • "widely circulated & commeted on"

-- p. 33: "We are now in need of a regular journal...devoted to cultural studies..."

  • would "provide a stimulus to further research," etc.


-- p. 24: pub of "Centre's Second Occasional Ppr." called Two Working Papers in Cultural Studies

  • [n.b.: terminology clearly hasn't been settled on]

-- p. 38: TWPinCS by Alan Shuttleworth - Research Associate w/ BCCCS (not student)

  • also, pub. of 3rd O.P. + preparation of 3 others

-- p. 46: BCCCS' connex w/ Dept. of Victorian Studies, Indiana U.


-- p. 8: LG matriculates (also mentioned on p. 11)

-- p. 22: Occasional Papers - "dist'ed by growing mailing list"

  • now up to 7 publications

-- p. 2: "U of L read -- such were the imperatives of the time..."

-- p 16: "hoping to be able to arrange for a series of Centre books"

» earlier on p.: "publicity on finished products, & our prod. of a journal, [are] integral to our attempts to establish a radical and disciplined approach..."


  • 1st issue appears, summer 1971 (TOC included)
  • "an attempt to make more public the Centre's work"
  • "envisaged originally as a replacement for the series of Occasional papers pub'ed by the Centre"

-- p. 18: cost of WPCS


--p. 1: resignation of Hoggart, 1973

--p. 6: ext. of Penguin funding "covenant" for 5 years (thru 1976)

-- p. 9: WPCS begins 2b integrated into seminar curriculum

-- p. 13: WPCS now "has replaced an earlier series of white Occasional Papers"

  • "aims to present Centre work to as wide an audience as possible [and] to print work of a high quality by people outside the Centre"
  • also, pub. of Centre theses in book form

-- p. 15: still publinshing pamphlets - "20 Years" pub'ed as such, precursor to PtC

-- p. 22: "ad" for WPCS


-- p. 7: WPCS makes "the Centre far better known than it previously was"

  • all issues gradually sell out/reprinted
  • still dist'ing Stencilled Occasional Papers
  • publication of WPCS 7/8 (RtR) in book form

( -- p. 24: "subcult" group should be called "alt" or counter-cult" group)


  • launched 1974-75
  • "They provide a means of rapid communication of Centre work to interested people and groups elsewhere and have proved extremely popular.  They are produced as cheaply as possible, stapled without binding or card covers.  They commonly consist of worked-up versions of papers given by Centre members at conferences or to internal seminars.  Some are specially commissioned by the Centre; others are the product of theses, projects or collective work in sub-groups."

-- p. 36: list of papers » note how some go on to be published elsewhere, formally -- e.g., "E/D"


{issued as supplement to previous report}

-- p. 9: diminishment of pub frequency, WPCS

  • print run listed @ 2,500

-- p. 10: launch of CCCS Pamphlets - "Unlike the stencilled papers these are bound in stiff covers and are intended for a rather wider distribution"

  • 1st one listed on this page, about Loch Ness Monster

-- p. 2: pubs. esp important for "getting the Centre's existence and work more widely known, recognised and respected"

  • new distribution deal w/ PDC

-- p. 3: replacement of WPCS by annual collection of Centre paper 2b pub'ed by Hutchinson

--p. 5: circulation of Centre reports @ ±3,000

-- p. 22: circulation + "slender finances" prompt move to Hutchinson

  • (note how this is, so often, precisely what prompts outsourcing of journal production)

-- p. 24: more (slightly) on Stencilled Occasional Papers and Pamphlets

-- p. 25: list of papers & pamphlets produced thus far

-- p. 24-35: order form


-- p. 4: "transition...from artisan-journal to modern production methods" (re: Hutchinson)

-- p. 15: "emphasis on the publication of completed work and, in the case of Stencilled Papers, of work in progress"


-- p. 4: how SH recreated the BCCCS

-- p. 25: address of PDC